Technical Program | CHIP on the sands 2017

Technical Program

General Program (SBCCI, SBMicro, WCAS, SForum, INSCIT and FEEC)

General Program SForum

Aug. 30 (Wednesday) - Session 1 - SForum Posters

Room: Edessa 2 (10:00h - 10:40h)

Presentation 1,1 - Paper: 1

Design, Simulation and Fabrication Techniques of Optical Filters for NBI

Talita Conte Granado, Rodrigo Henrique Gounella, João Paulo Campos Costa, Yuri A.O. Assagra, Jose H.Correia and
João Paulo Pereira Carmo

Presentation 1,2 - Paper: 9

Hardware and Software Co-Design: Application of the Technique in the Comparative Experimental Study of the Annular Ellipsoidal and Rectangular Layouts MOSFETs in X-ray Ionizing Radiation Environments

William Souza da Cruz and Salvador Pinillos Gimenez

Presentation 1,3 - Paper: 12

Study of the Invariant Point with the Carrier Lifetime in Power MOSFET Transistors

Amanda Cavalcante Reis and Milene Galeti

Aug. 30 (Wednesday) - Session 2

Room: Edessa 2 (15:00h - 15:40h)

Presentation 2,1 - Paper: 3

Improving the Efficiency of AES Encryption Algorithm by Using the co-designed Strategy

Ricardo Robaina, Bruno Neves and Fábio Ramos

Presentation 2,2 - Paper: 4

New Features of IPNoSys IDE

Victor Batista and Sílvio Fernandes

Presentation 2,3 - Paper: 5

Implementation of the AES Cryptography Algorithm

Lucidia Assunção Silveira, Maurício Realan Arrieira, Bruno Silveira Neves and Fábio Livi Ramos

Aug. 31 (Thursday) - Session 3

Room: Edessa 2 (10:00h - 10:40h)

Presentation 3,1 - Paper: 15

SpotPark - Embedded System to Detect Free Space on Streets

Lucas Santos, Renato Sousa, Roberto Fernandes and Edna Barros

Presentation 3,2 - Paper: 19

Control Platform Based on EOG

Juarez Holanda, Igor Diniz and Ernano Arrais

Presentation 3,3 - Paper: 18

Disposal Techniques of Offset Applied to Biomedical Instrumentation

Lucas Fernandes Cardoso, Ernano Arrais Junior and Náthalee Cavalcanti de Almeida Lima

Aug. 31 (Thursday) - Session 4

Room: Edessa 2 (15:00h - 15:40h)

Presentation 4,1 - Paper: 20

Computer Assisted Photovoltaic Cells Project

Jair Fernandes de Souza and Beatriz da Silva Souto Neta

Presentation 4,2 - Paper: 22

An Automatic Test System for Schottky Diode Variability Characterization

Carlos Augusto Berlitz, Felipe Kalinski and Hamilton Klimach

Presentation 4,3 - Paper: 13

Experimental study of FD and PD SOI nMOSFET with and without HALO

Carlos Augusto Zan Malaguti, Paula Agopian and João Antônio Martino

Sforum Papers at WCAS Sessions

Aug. 30 (Wednesday) - SForum - WCAS

Room: Teras (10:40h - 12:20h)

Presentation 1,5 (12:00h - 12:20h) - Paper: 24

Evaluation of the Impact of Environmental Variability in Full-Adders in FinFET Technology

Pablo Martins da Silva, Alexandra Lackmann Zimpeck, Ygor Aguiar and Ricardo Reis

Aug. 30 (Wednesday) - SForum-WCAS

Room: Teras (15:40h - 17:40h)

Presentation 2,7 (17:40h - 18:00h) - Paper: 17

Electromagnetic Simulation and Analysis of Crosstalk Effect in Integrated Circuits

Nelson Andrade, Diogo Santana, Hamilton Klimach and Eric Fabris

Aug. 31 (Thursday) - SForum-WCAS

Room: Teras (10:40h - 12:20h)

Presentation 3,5 (12:00h - 12:20h) - Paper: 7

Periodic Grating Surface Plasmon Resonance Transducer operating in the Angular Interrogation Mode

Eloise dos Passos Rodrigues, Antonio Marcus Nogueira de Lima, Leiva Casemiro Oliveira, Tiago Abreu Tavares Sousa and Helmut Neff

Aug. 31 (Thursday) - SForum-WCAS

Room: Teras (15:40h - 17:40h)

Sforum Papers at SBCCI Sessions

Aug. 30 (Wednesday) - Dig. Circuits, Mixed Sig., App. I (Video coding I) - Chair: Marcelo Porto

Room: Patras (15:40h - 17:40h)

Presentation 2,6 (17:20h - 17:40h) - Paper: 11

FPGA-Based Architecture for Baseband Signals Generation Applied to Mobile Phone Jamming

Isabela Trindade, Patricio Cordeiro, Leonardo Ramalho, Adalbery Castro and Aldebaro Klautau

Aug. 31 (Thursday) - SoC, NoC and Reconfigurable - Chair: Ney Calazans

Room: Patras (10:40h - 12:20h)

Presentation 3,5 (12:00h - 12:20h) - Paper: 23

Majority Voters Robustness under the Presence of Permanent Faults

Ingrid Oliveira, Rafael Schvittz and Paulo Butzen

Aug. 31 (Thursday) - Embedded Software and Systems - Chair: José Güntzel

Room: Patras (15:40h - 17:40h)

Presentation 4,5 (17:00h - 17:20h) - Paper: 16

An IoT-Based Culvert Monitoring System for Urban Flood Prevention

Ladson Gomes, Mariana Barros, Thiago Silva and Edna Barros

Presentation 4,6 (17:20h - 17:40h) - Paper: 25

HydroSys - An online platform for remote monitoring of water distribution networks

Larissa Lages, Andréa Brandão, Rodolfo Andrade and Edna Barros

Sep. 1 (Friday) - Digital Circuits III - Chair: Elmar Melcher

Room: Patras (13:40 h - 17:20h)

Presentation 7,5 (15:00h - 15:20h) - Paper: 8

Optimized IIR Filter Applied to the Limiting and Filtering Technique for Peak-to-Average Power Ratio Reduction

Felipe Schoulten and Eduardo Lima