Technical Program | CHIP on the sands 2017

Technical Program

General Program (SBCCI, SBMicro, WCAS, SForum, INSCIT and FEEC)

General Program WCAS

Aug. 30 (Wednesday) - Digital, Reconfigurable & Applications / Academic - Chair: Marcio Kreutz

Room: Tebas (10:40h - 12:20h)

Presentation 1,1 (10:40h - 11:00h) - Paper: 5

FPGA Implementation of a Low-Power DES Crypto-Processor Using Multi-Point GALS Architecture 

Tiago Curtinhas, Duarte Oliveira (PROPG), Orlando Verducci and Leonardo Romano

Presentation 1,2 (11:00h - 11:20h) - Paper: 6

A Reduced Architecture for Asynchronous Interfaces Suitable to GALS Systems

Duarte Oliveira, Tiago Curtinhas, Orlando Verducci and Leonardo Romano

Presentation 1,3 (11:20h - 11:40h) - Paper: 23

Impact of SRAM IP Aspect Ratio in ASIC-Oriented Viterbi Decoder Physical Implementation 

Leandro Mateus Giacomini Rocha, Guilherme Pereira Paim, Eduardo Antônio César da Costa and Sergio Bampi 

Presentation 1,4 (11:40h - 12:00h) - Paper: 13

Power, Performance and Robustness of Radiation Hardened Latches under Voltage Variability

Leonardo Moraes, Alexandra Zimpeck, Ygor Aguiar and Ricardo Reis

Presentation 1,5 (12:00h - 12:20h)


Aug. 30 (Wednesday) - Digital, Reconfigurable & Applications / Industrial - Eric Fabris

Room: Tebas (15:40h - 17:40h)

Presentation 2,1 (15:40h - 16:00h)

Accelerated IoT Chip Development using Integrated Subsystems (Synopsys)

Rick Furtner

Presentation 2,2 (16:00h - 16:20h) - Paper: 22

Area and Power Optimization for IEEE802.15.4g MR-O-QPSK Direct-Sequence Spread Spectrum 

Gabriel da Silva, Cesar G. Chaves, Eduardo de Lima and Tiago Perez

Presentation 2,3 (16:20h - 16:40h) - Paper: 8

Energy Consumption Measurement of a FPGA Full-HD Video Processing Platform 

Heron A. Monteiro, Nelson C. S. Campos, Jozias P. Oliveira, Antonio M. N. Lima, Alisson V. Brito and Elmar U. K. Melcher

Presentation 2,4 (16:40h - 17:00h) - Paper: 12

Methodology Approach for Mux Based IP Verification at SoC Level 

Felipe Ponce

Presentation 2,5 (17:00h - 17:20h) - Paper: 17

VLSI Architecture of an Argos II Signal Detector 

Jose M. L. Duarte, Eric M. S. Macedo, Anderson A. do Nascimento and Francisco J. T. Vidal 

Presentation 2,6 (17:20h - 17:40h) - Paper: 20

Verification Strategies for Crypto IPs - Security Perspective 

Lucas Lacerda Paixão and Harney Abrahim

Presentation 2,7 (17:40h - 18:00h)


Aug. 31 (Thursday) - Digital, Reconfigurable & Applications / Academic - Chair: Ivan Silva

Room: Tebas (10:40h - 12:20h)

Presentation 3,1 (10:40h - 11:00h) - Paper: 10

Rsyn – A Physical Synthesis Framework for Research and Education

Guilherme Flach, Mateus Fogaça, Jucemar Monteiro, Marcelo Johann and Ricardo Reis

Presentation 3,2 (11:00h - 11:20h) - Paper: 18

Evaluating logic gates reliability exploring probabilistic transistor level fault models 

Rafael Schvittz, Cristina Meinhardt and Paulo Butzen

Presentation 3,3 (11:20h - 11:40h) - Paper: 15

A Method to Translate Extended Burst-Mode Specifications to Signal Transition Graph Specifications 

Higor Delsoto, Duarte Oliveira, Orlando Verducci and Leonardo Romano

Presentation 3,4 (11:40h - 12:00h) - Paper: 13

IC Brazil Program Training Centers: 8 Years Empowering Latin American Engineers To Work With Microelectronics

Pedro Toledo, Hamilton Klimach, Eric Fabris, Lucas Paris, Thiago Oliveira, Jerson Guex, Nelson Andrade, Renê Timbó, Marcia Silva, Felipe Formiga, Alonso Schmidt, Tatiana Costa, João Martino (OK), Nilton Morimoto (OK), Everton Souza, Lesly Camacho, Edelson Venuto, Roberto Rangel, Vinicius Martins and Fellipe Sola

Presentation 3,5 (12:00h - 12:20h)


Aug. 31 (Thursday) - Analog & RF & Mixed Signal / Academic - Chair: Tales Pimenta

Room: Tebas (15:40h - 17:40h)

Presentation 4,1 (15:40h - 16:00h)

IMEC (invited talk) - Challenges for ASIC Design for Emerging Markets

Jacobus W. Swart, imec, Belgium

Presentation 4,2 (16:00h - 16:20h) - Paper: 21

Design overview for a 1V, 230μW, rail-to-rail, fully differential four stage amplifier 

Vinicius Vecchia, Davies William de Lima Monteiro and Luciana Pedrosa Salles

Presentation 4,3 (16:20h - 16:40h) - Paper: 11

A Tunable 4-th Order Gm-C Low-Pass Filter for Multi-Standard Zero-IF Receivers 

Mateus C. S. Oliveira, Paulo César C. de Aguirre and Alessandro Girardi

Presentation 4,4 (16:40h - 17:00h) - Paper: 16

BandGap Voltage Reference Generator with improved Power supply rejection 

Jose Luis Ramirez Bohorquez and Fabiano Fruett

Presentation 4,5 (17:00h - 17:20h) - Paper: 9

Low Phase-Error Differential Frequency Divider for Quadrature LO Generation 

Leonardo Sulato de Moraes, Eduardo Rodrigues de Lima, Fabiano Fruett and Pedro Emiliano Paro Filho

Presentation 4,6 (17:20h - 17:40h) - Paper: 24

Voltage controlled CML ring Oscillator for the 2.4GHz ISM Band. 

Jose Luis Ramirez Bohorquez and Fabiano Fruett

Presentation 4,7 (17:40h - 18:00h) - Paper: 1

A simplified topology of voltage-tolerant switches for implantable functional electrical stimulation 

Rafael Silveira, Afonso Plantes, Cesar Rodrigues and César Prior

Sforum Papers at WCAS Sessions

Aug. 30 (Wednesday) - SForum - WCAS

Room: Teras (10:40h - 12:20h)

Presentation 1,5 (12:00h - 12:20h) - Paper: 24

Evaluation of the Impact of Environmental Variability in Full-Adders in FinFET Technology

Pablo Martins da Silva, Alexandra Lackmann Zimpeck, Ygor Aguiar and Ricardo Reis

Aug. 30 (Wednesday) - SForum-WCAS

Room: Teras (15:40h - 17:40h)

Presentation 2,7 (17:20h - 17:40h) - Paper: 17

Electromagnetic Simulation and Analysis of Crosstalk Effect in Integrated Circuits

Nelson Andrade, Diogo Santana, Hamilton Klimach and Eric Fabris

Aug. 31 (Thursday) - SForum-WCAS

Room: Teras (10:40h - 12:20h)

Presentation 3,5 (12:00h - 12:20h) - Paper: 7

Periodic Grating Surface Plasmon Resonance Transducer operating in the Angular Interrogation Mode

Eloise dos Passos Rodrigues, Antonio Marcus Nogueira de Lima, Leiva Casemiro Oliveira, Tiago Abreu Tavares Sousa and Helmut Neff

Aug. 31 (Thursday) - SForum-WCAS

Room: Teras (15:40h - 17:40h)